Urban dwellers will find all their daily needs fulfilled at MaxValu Prime, Sunway Velocity Mall

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 December 2016 

MaxValu Prime at Sunway Velocity Mall opens its doors today to offer a wide selection of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, organic items, healthy ready-to-go food options, as well as cooking tips and menu for urban shoppers. MaxValu Prime at Sunway Velocity Mall is the first in Malaysia to present this exciting new concept for shoppers who are always looking for quality and convenience in a supermarket.

“We are pleased to unveil the new and improved MaxValu Prime today. We hope that this new concept will serve you better,” said Mr. Shinobu Washizawa, Managing Director of AEON CO. (M) BHD.

MaxValu Prime’s uniqueness lies in its main commitment to present shoppers with fresh ingredients and delicious meal options. Shoppers visiting MaxValu Prime can expect a wide selection of seasonal fruits and farm fresh produce.

The Marinated Meat corner also offers a selection of ready-to-cook meat for the convenience of working and busy individuals. With these busy individuals in mind, recipe cards filled with ideas and tips on what to cook and how to cook seasonal produce is available at the demonstration Cooking Station.

MaxValu Prime is well-stocked with the usual daily necessities and even more choices of quality non-food and grocery items imported from Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, German and Italy.

Another new feature of MaxValu Prime set to delight shoppers is the Food Street. The Food Street features popular Japanese-style street food, cultural attractions; a Japanese staple now available for the enjoyment by people from all walks of life.

The alluring aroma of freshly baked bread will entice shoppers into Shokupan, Japanese concept bakery. Serving delectable Japanese desserts, bread, buns, cakes, coffee, tea and ice cream; all the delicious baked goods sold are baked fresh throughout the day to ensure the best quality and taste for all our customers.

MaxValu Prime also boasts a Deli section and cut-cheese counter with an impressive array of quality imported natural cheeses and a delicious selection of antipasto. For those who prefer to purchase ready-to-eat food, they will be spoilt for choice with MaxValu Prime’s pick of cold salads, hot salads, sandwiches, pasta salads and soups that are constantly on rotation to keep the selection fresh and exciting. Healthy cold pressed and freshly squeezed fruit juices are also available here. The wide variety will help busy shoppers keep up with their lifestyles without compromising quality and health.

MaxValu Prime at Sunway Velocity Mall is conceptualised with all our shoppers’ needs in mind and we hope that with this new store our shoppers will lead a healthier lifestyle with less hassle.

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