AEON Sustainability Charter

We strive to grow our business in tandem with realizing a sustainable environment and society.

Stamping A Global Presence

In our home country of Japan, our company has touched the lives of many since its inception. The AEON name is one that’s recognised for excellence.

This international recognition that we strive for is not one that is merely measured in terms of size, growth and profitability. What we seek for goes deeper than that. With every step we take, it is to get us closer to our goal of achieving complete customer satisfaction: for each and every customer who walks into our store to feel the AEON difference in quality and service.

Our Goal:
Strive to provide for the communities that we serve, with better service, products and value.

We aim to enhance the lives of people & preserve the planet and peace.

AEON Sustainability Charter

We uphold our basic principles of pursuing peace, respecting humanity and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view at its core. We aim to think globally and advance activities locally as we actively promote initiatives involving both environmental and societal aspects with our many stakeholders.

We recognise that the retail industry’s global landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Thus, AEON has rooted one of its missions in pursuing sustainable management. This mission aims to contribute to achieving a sustainable society in tandem with the growth of AEON and align with the growing importance of corporate responsibility.

AEON Sustainability Charter (ASC) is created to provide a blueprint for our key engagement area, highlighting our sustainability principles and key initiatives for the coming years. Read more here:

AEON Sustainability Charter (ASC)

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AEON Sustainability Charter (ASC)

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