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Discover all the important facts about the AEON Corporation.

The Facts
The Lowdown

What started small, with a merger of stores in Japan and a simple idea of giving exceptional value and quality, has grown into a leading General Merchandise Stores cum Supermarket chain with an international presence.

Since accepting the Malaysian Government’s invitation to help modernise the country’s retailing industry in 1984, we have grown in leaps and bounds.

Our Customer First philosophy underscores everything we do. No matter how big we get, our mission is to give each and every customer a quality experience every time they step in. Beyond just quality service and product, we strive to change with the times, to adapt the ever-changing needs and desires of today’s customers. And it all starts with an acute understanding of our target audience, which continuously evolves and changes.

True to its name, which is taken from the Latin word that means eternity, AEON’s goal is to work together endlessly with its customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and the community to create a future of limitless possibilities.

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More About AEON

Our History

It’s been a long and rewarding journey from our humble start in Japan to being one of Malaysia’s leading retailers.
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Invest In Us

The latest reports, announcements and financial updates, for our current and prospective shareholders, gathered in one space.
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Meet Our Leaders

An organisation is only as good as the people within it. The AEON Leadership Council operates with a clear vision to dedicate themselves to improving the lives of our customers.
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Corporate Profile

At AEON, we believe in good and ethical governance to ensure sustained prosperity and longevity for our business. 
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