Bidor, Perak, 20 May 2023 – AEON CO. (M) BHD. or AEON has successfully completed the final phase of the Malaysia-Japan Friendship Forest Program in Bidor, Perak. The reforestation program, which began in 2014, comprised three phases, with a target of planting 30,000 trees by 2024. The ten-year project will be handed over to the government in September 2024.

AEON initiated this project to contribute to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia’s (FRIM) continuous effort to rehabilitate and re-green the ex-tin mine area. The aim was to create a lasting impact in the area in line with AEON’s principle of “Peace, People and Community.”

The first phase of the program began in 2014, with AEON planting a total of 8,000 trees on 22.75 hectares of land in Bidor. The second phase, five years later, saw an additional 10,000 trees being planted. This year, AEON achieved its goal by planting the remaining 12,000 trees in the final phase.

The event which was held at FRIM Research Station in Bidor was graced by YB Teh Kok Lim, Member of the Perak State Executive Council (Science, Environment & Green Technology). Also present were Encik Abdul Wahid Abu Salim, Deputy Secretary General (Natural Resources) Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change, Keiji Ono, Managing Director of AEON CO. (M) BHD, Dr. Ismail Parlan, Director General of FRIM and YB Ms. Sandrea Ng Shy Ching Perak State Committee Chairman for Housing and Local Government.

To mark AEON’s 39th Anniversary celebration this year, a total of 3,900 varieties of trees and shrubs, including saga, pulai, keriung, ara meranti, and damar hitam, were planted during the event. The remaining trees will be planted in stages by FRIM.

According to Keiji Ono, Managing Director of AEON, this initiative is aimed at giving back to future generations. AEON has always prioritised the ecosystem in its corporate social responsibility initiatives and activities. The company remains committed to pursuing various initiatives to show appreciation to its loyal customers, especially AEON members and the local community.

“By conducting this simple act of planting trees together, we are confident that we can raise awareness among the community that AEON is committed to our ongoing mission of emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and conservation. Our aim is to transform the area into a successfully rehabilitated site with a variety of species that can also serve as an educational resource for the local community.” he added.

The event was attended by volunteers consisting of AEON staff, business partners, the local community, as well as state and federal government agencies. In addition,80 university students from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), also participated in the reforestation effort.

As a leading player in the retail industry, AEON has made significant contributions to the sector. The company places great importance on raising awareness among the public about its environmental protection and conservation initiatives. Its efforts in this area are exemplified by the impressive milestone of planting more than half a million trees in Malaysia to date.

The implementation of this program is in line with AEON’s effort to uphold the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Climate Change (SDG 13) and Life on Land (SDG 15), signifying AEON’s commitment to protecting the environment, biodiversity, and ecosystem.

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