AEON Introduces AEON Members Choice Awards 2023 To Amplify Customers Voices and Honour Suppliers Excellence

Kuala Lumpur, September 17 – As September welcomes the highly-anticipated Mid-Autumn Festival, a cherished Chinese tradition commemorating the full moon and the autumn harvest, AEON is proud to elevate the celebration with an extraordinary array of over 200 mooncake varieties. All part of the “Together We Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2023” theme, this remarkable selection was celebrated today at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya with exclusively invited more than 100 AEON Members.

Beautifully adorned with traditional ornaments and prominently featuring the Jade Rabbit, a character from the Chinese folklore who lives on the moon with Chang’e, the princess on the moon. The celebration was also witnessed by the Malaysia Book of Records for assembling the largest variety of mooncakes at a single event.

Present at the launch, the Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer, Low Ngai Yuen expressed, “The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for togetherness and in the appreciation of tradition, we take pride in curating an exceptional selection of mooncakes to bring families and friends together. We are delighted to invite and have our customers join us in this year’s celebration. This is our continued commitment to provide the best experiences for our valued customers.”

Additionally, the event launched the importance of the first-ever AEON Members’ Choice Awards, which aimed at recognising the efforts of suppliers who created delectable mooncakes with outstanding packaging. Low Ngai Yuen expressed, “The AEON Members’ Choice Awards give our valued AEON customers a chance to share their preferences and engage with us. Their voices are our AEON’s heartbeat and they fuel our innovation, guiding us as we keep planning exceptional experiences. Additionally, we also want to acknowledge and celebrate the creativity and commitment to quality that our suppliers put into their mooncake creations. We are excited to present the awards today to honor their hard work.”

Among the extensive selection of over 700 SKUs from 40 suppliers, several mooncakes have garnered attention for their exceptional quality and enticing flavours. Standout choices include the Casahana Snow Skin Series, the indulgent Durian the Night of Brilliance, the exquisite Blackthorn Musang King, and the delightful Snowy Skin Mooncake, all leading the AEON Members’ Choice Awards in the following categories, together with the winners:

1. Most Preferred Mooncake Brand: A special accolade that honours the brand voted and chosen by AEON members, celebrating the traditional flavours and quality that resonate most with customers. Winner – 1. BAKER’S COTTAGE & 2. OVERSEA
2. Most Popular Mooncake: Recognising the mooncake that has captured the hearts and taste buds of AEON members, embodying popularity and widespread appeal. Winner – DURIA THE NIGHT OF BRILLIANCE BLACKTHORN CHARCOAL
3. Best Mooncake Design: This category highlights the mooncake with the most visually appealing and artistically crafted design, making it a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. Winner – CASAHANA
4. Most Innovative Mooncake Flavour: Celebrating the mooncake that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation, showcasing unique and unexpected designs that captivate the imagination during this Mid-Autumn season. Winner – HERNAN MUSANG KING PANDAN SNOWY MOONCAKE
5. Best Mooncake Packaging: Recognising the mooncake brand that excels in creating packaging that not only protects the mooncakes but also adds an extra layer of aesthetic charm, enhancing the overall presentation of the product. Winner – HONG KONG MX MOONCAKE

The “Together We Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival” will be at selected AEON stores from now until 29 September 2023.

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