“Let’s Enjoy KITKAT the new way”

Kuala Lumpur, 17 June 2022 – AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON) collaborated with Nestle KITKAT to provide variation to AEON La Boheme’s selection of pastry products. The launch of the collaboration took place at AEON BiG Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

The ceremony was attended by Sunny Setiawan, Chief Operating Officer, AEON CO., Sheikh Farouk Sheikh Mohamed, Head of AEON BiG (M) SDN. BHD, Azidah Alimuddin, Head of AEON Delicatessen and AEON Food Processing Centre and Yit Woon Lai, Nestle Professional Business Executive Officer.

According to Sunny Setiawan, “We are very grateful that AEON has the opportunity to work with a giant confectionery brand, KITKAT, which is very famous for its delicious chocolate. Through this collaboration, we can offer more variations of bread, donuts, pastries and buns to meet the tastes of our customers,”

“AEON is aware of the ever dynamic customer demand. Therefore, we took the initiative to collaborate with KITKAT, a well -known and popular brand to produce delicious and quality pastry products.” she continued.

There are five products introduced through this collaboration namely Nutty Donut, Polkadot Donut, Matcha Croissant, Supreme Muffin and Cheesy Loaf. These five products are available at all AEON CO. and AEON BiG outlets.

Yit Woon Lai commented “Nestle Professional is very excited because this collaboration will give KITKAT fans the opportunity to enjoy the product in a different form. We also believe that this effort will strengthen our business relationship with AEON and create more business employment opportunities in the near future. This collaboration can also introduce the La Boheme brand to consumers in general, especially to KITKAT’s loyal fans.”

The halal certified La Boheme at AEON offers an array of oven-fresh breads and bakery-related products including pastries and puddings. Customers can be assured of tasty and good-quality products served daily in a cosy setting.

The launching ceremony was also enlivened with activities with visitors at AEON BiG Jaya One.

This collaboration is in line with AEON’s efforts to champion the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8-Good Careers and Economic Growth-which focuses on promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, inclusive, good and productive employment for all.

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