Smart Investment With Yamazen Fan


Electrical appliances enhance the convenience and comfort of everyday activities. It plays an active role in our personal lifestyles. Fans are an important appliance that we cannot live without. The evolution of electric fans are constantly on the rise and especially with technology being incorporated into everything. AEON CO. (M) BHD., an established brand in the retail industry is set to introduce the all new and smart electric fan that is designed to offer convenience, safety and comfort.

For the very first time, the No 1 category leader brand in electric fan in Japan, Yamazen will be made available in Malaysian stores with the introduction of the Yamazen Touch Stop Electric Fan. With the heat and humidity in Malaysia, the Yamazen Touch Stop Electric Fan is the ideal choice that is economical to own and maintain. It just needs to be plugged in to enjoy a cooling sensation while getting the air moving and removing the stuffiness in the air.

The leading Japanese electric fan manufacturer is well known for its innovation and guarantees ease of use with a touch of technology. Electric fans move a volume of air around the body, allowing to feel cooler and to sweat less. It offers the comfort while circulating air efficiently and quietly that is great for even babies to sleep soundly throughout the day.

Commenting about the introduction of the new Yamazen Touch Stop Electric Fan, Mr Ichiro Komai, Head of Hardline Division, said, “The Yamazen Electric fan offers our customers the assurance of safety and comfort all packed in the smart fan that is designed to provide convenience and mobility while providing peace of mind.

“For those who are constantly in a rush and have a tendency of leaving the fan on, the Yamazen Electric Fan model has a built in 8-hour auto-shutoff feature to save energy and offer you the peace of mind,” added Mr Komai.

The Yamazen Touch Stop Electric Fan that stands at a maximum of 1000mm and a minimum 800mm offers a gentle and relaxing sensation that is efficient while being quiet. The Yamazen fan model is child friendly as it is able to detect human touch through its child lock safety sensor that immediately stops the fan when the guard is touched. It resumes after just 15 seconds. This feature further enhances the safety aspect of the high quality model.

The new model has three customizable speed and oscillation settings to produce different breeze variations for varying preferences. It oscillates left, right, up and down for an ultimate range of cooling. This model has five blades, which contribute to the fan’s overall silence during use.

Yamazen fan comes with a remote control that makes it convenient to control from a distance without having to leave the comfort of the couch or bed. It has three wind power levels namely low, medium and strong. It has a rhythmic breeze that produces a natural rhythm style wind, perfect for the hot humid days in Malaysia.

Reasonably priced at only RM 199, Yamazen Touch Stop Electric Fan is available in three colors namely, blue, sand gold and clear. It is available exclusively at all AEON retail and AEON Big outlets throughout the country.

Get the Yamazen Touch Stop Electric Fan and enjoy the cooling sensation of the model. Experience the quietness and revel in the peace of mind with the child safety feature.

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