Malaysian AEON Foundation fulfills its promise to improve learning environment for the underprivileged

Banting, 2 May 2017

The Malaysian AEON Foundation’s latest school refurbishment works, parked under its BEST (Basic Education SupporT) Project 2016, have come to a successful completion. The project, which began late last year and finished in February this year, was kick-started with a donation of RM399,000 in funds to four selected local schools.

The completion of the project was marked at a handover ceremony held today at Sekolah Kebangsaan (Asli) Bukit Cheding. Present to officiate the auspicious occasion was Malaysian AEON Foundation President, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Abdullah Mohd Yusof, along with guest-of-honour, Deputy Minister of Education 1, Y.B. Dato’ P. Kamalanathan a/l P. Panchanathan.

“It is unfortunate that in this day and age, proper education remains to be an unattainable luxury for some. Every child deserves to receive education, to receive an opportunity to enhance their potential, and ultimately, to receive a shot at making something out of their lives. This is where the Malaysian AEON Foundation’s BEST Project steps in. We are dedicated to help bridge that gap for the underprivileged community. We hope that these new-and-improved schools will serve as the children’s stepping stone to a brighter future,” said Y.Bhg. Dato’ Abdullah Mohd Yusof.

The schools that benefited from the BEST Project 2016 were SK Asli Bukit Cheding, Banting; SK Teluk Ru, Sabak Bernam; SK Jenis Tamil Pulau Carey Barat, Klang; and SK Kampung Kuala Pajam, Beranang, which received RM146,000.00; RM70,000.00; RM76,000.00 and RM107,000.00 respectively.

The financial assistance given went towards funding several refurbishments in each school. They included the construction of a multipurpose futsal and sepak takraw court, the restoration of faulty electrical systems, the upgrading of libraries and a computer room, plus the purchase of equipment and furniture for a room dedicated to special needs children.

Since the establishment of the BEST Project in August 2012, the initiative has contributed a total of RM1.327 million to 14 schools. On top of having credible teachers and educational programs, BEST Project also recognises the correlation between a conducive learning environment and active student participation. Y.Bhg. Dato’ Abdullah Mohd Yusof added, “With BEST Project, we believe that in transforming a child’s education environment, we are able to change their lives for the better.”

Moving forward, the BEST Project is slated to be an annual event in the Malaysian AEON Foundation calendar, and will cater to more schools in the Peninsular.

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