AFP United Fashion, Influence, and Innovation Over a Weekend of Fashion Expression through 500 Crowdsourced Personalities

Kuala Lumpur, June 26 – The AEON Fashion Preview June 23 Edition at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya witnessed a spectacular kick-off on June 24. Over 500 crowd-sourced individuals took part in a remarkable gathering on the runway, showcasing their own style and personal branding; each of who boldly transcended the boundaries of trends, embodying accessibility, diversity, and inventiveness in their social expressions. This outstanding achievement was recognized and documented by the Malaysia Book of Records, highlighting it as a record-breaking occasion for the largest number of participants ever seen in a fashion show.

The thematic fashion capsules presented during the AFP June23 edition were signature pieces of AEON’s exclusive SCAR, Puteri, Arcadia, M, ti:zed, innercasual iC, Agenda, Suave, Guys’ Vision, +Collection, Scarlet inners, JKids, and Crème. These included the unconventional linen that defied structured silhouettes with its lightweight and breathable fabric that was perfect for warm weather; the timeless and versatile denim-on-denim; sportswear that combined style and functionality; career wear that had changed so much; and travel wear with lightweight knits.

The AFP also featured a maternity fashion segment, celebrating style and comfort for expectant mothers. Additionally, there were playful kids’ pajamas with adventurous prints, and an anime-inspired fashion line that honoured beloved characters, providing fans with a unique and fashionable means to express their admiration.

Low Ngai Yuen, the Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer, expressed AEON’s resolute and commitment to the inclusive fashion movement, “AEON wholeheartedly embraces individuals from all walks of life, firmly believing that fashion should be accessible to everyone – hence the public crowdsourcing plays a big part in this round of AFP.”

She added, “As a retailer catering to everyday people and their essential clothing needs, AEON celebrates the richness of diversity and empowers individuals to fully embrace their personal style. The aim is to ignite a strong sense of confidence, encouraging people to fearlessly embrace the mantra of #ownwhatyouwear, be proud to be #you, and cherish the power of #individuality.”

AEON’s commitment to fashion access aligns with its efforts to champion the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 15. These goals aim to promote a peaceful and inclusive society, provide access to justice for all, and protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems. By ensuring access to fashion, AEON contributes to these goals and promotes a sustainable and inclusive future.

To add an extra dose of excitement to the AFP event, AEON has announced a further collaboration with Comic Fiesta, a well-known authority and community in anime and comic conventions. Together, AEON and Comic Fiesta will launch the inaugural AEON Anime Fest, a festival that will showcase a series of monthly anime t-shirt releases. The fest will start with popular titles like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer, followed by Naruto and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Details of AEON’s Exclusives:

● iC (innercasual):

iC is committed to providing top-quality products with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The brand aims to be inclusive of all sizes and ages while maintaining affordable prices, aligning with its everyday-good-value mantra. Upon its introduction in Malaysia, iC will offer three distinct styles:

➔ ActiveWear: Fun and functional apparel for an active lifestyle.
➔ PeaceFit: Exciting technology-infused products to enhance one’s lifestyle.
➔ Sustainable Fashion: A range of clothing that prioritizes eco-friendly practices.

● Scar:

Scar celebrates individuality and empowers everyone to wear their pieces in any way they desire. With a focus on exploration, Scar’s seasonal collection features tie-dye patterns, crop flutter-layers, and personalized unexpected detailing, creating a preferred look for the season.

● Puteri:

Puteri offers a range of modest clothing that effortlessly combines relaxation and trendiness. The collection includes Muslimah swimwear, complemented by stylish chiffon outerwear.

● PlusCollection:

With a core value of celebrating beauty in every size, PlusCollection caters to diverse body types, ensuring that every individual feels confident and comfortable.

● Arcadia:

Arcadia showcases a wide range of timeless styles. Each collection features linen tops and pants in neutral, earthy tones, adorned with embroidery detailing. The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail makes every piece a keepsake.

● M:

M specializes in providing ultimate comfort for mothers. Their wrinkle-free, lightweight machine-knit fabric ensures convenience, while nursing-friendly designs make them ideal for new moms. The brand’s best-selling maternity pants are complemented by a range of nursing tops, dresses, and skirts.

● ti:zed:

ti:zed offers a collection of must-have knit essentials that are perfect for on-the-go occasions. Stylish hoodies and pullovers for men provide convenience for overnight trips, while cotton printed shirt-dresses are versatile for any sudden occasion.

● Guys’ Vision:

Guys’ Vision focuses on designing casualwear for men that is built to last. The brand prioritizes wearability, easy-care, and timeless style, ensuring that every piece complements any personal style choice.

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